Art Therapy Workshops

Marg runs regular workshops and art-based courses. These include “Talisman - Make your own power object”, “The Art of Self-Compassion”, “Art Journaling” and “Nourish”. Workshops can be tailored to specific groups with themes chosen in collaboration. She has run workshops for GP practices, women’s Groups including eating disorders and survivors of domestic violence, Occupational Therapists and Nurses.

Contact Marg if you are interested in participating in her workshops

Mindful Drawing Courses

Mindful drawing is held in a safe non-judgmental space where art therapist Marg Coutts is the gentle guide for drawing with awareness.  The light of our awareness illuminates the perfection of each moment via.......the tip of a pencil.....the blunt edge of a crayon....a colour loaded brush......a blank piece of paper resonating with possibility ....meandering through the light and shadows in the magnificence of the here and now. Seek the truth of your impulses & witness your authenticity unfold authentically onto the page.