Counselling and Mindfulness

Marg’s counselling is informed by her experience of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practices. She has over 15 years’ experience studying and practising these methods, including 7 months living in Nembutsu Meditation Centre in India. She has studied with a variety of Teachers in India, Nepal, Thailand and Australia and participates in regular retreats.

Marg’s Mindfulness practice assists her to support her clients to bring increased awareness to their concerns. Mindfulness is a practice that can help us create spaces between our experiences in life and our reactions or responses to those experiences. When we are mindful, we have greater choice in our relationship with life. Instead of reacting automatically, we are able to pause and make a choice about how we want to respond.

Marg facilitates counselling with great empathy and acceptance. She is gentle in her guidance and supports her clients to face difficulties and appreciate their uniqueness. She supports them in the process of transforming life's challenges into personal power for living a full life.

Counselling is an opportunity for us to experience a sense of inner freedom. With the support of a counsellor we are invited to be with ourselves without criticism. We are supported to enter a sphere of safety to explore our lives - what gives us meaning, what seeks resolution, what seeks expression, what can we give to ourselves in order to live the lives we want to live? We have the chance in counselling to ask ourselves honest questions and give honest answers. This gives us the ability to live our lives with greater clarity and confidence. 

Counselling can help you through:

  • grief and loss

  • life changes

  • life threatening illness

  • caring for someone with an illness or disability

  • Confusion, depression and anxiety

  • A traumatic event

Art therapy and counselling are available face to face in Coffs Harbour or online. For enquiries go to our contact page